About Us

Hi! Meet me, the digital marketing expert. This is not just a word but a real truth. I’m today what I’m because of the digital marketing agencies where I worked helped me learn every nook and hook of digital marketing and SEO. This doesn’t mean that I’ve used them as my success stone; I’m thanking them for boosting me. I started my career in Digital Marketing with no idea about it, what to do, what to expect and what to offer the clients. Then I learned the tactics to help each and every client to achieve great positions in search engine. Understanding Google’s algorithms and secrets, I got the knowledge that, like great music, effective marketing requires a fine balance between math, creativity and ingenuity. Slowly, I established Aimeredge with a small team of professional digital marketing experts and started exploring search engine by drafting plans for sure results.

We sound out brand’s weaknesses and strengths, all while having an ear on industry talk and peeping on emerging trends. The final result is a signature sound: a creative laced and numbers based brand marketing that’s truly unforgettable. And, there are huge fans for our services which is reason of increased word of mouth, repeat business and new potential clients.

Aimeredge Stands One Step Ahead of its Challengers Because,

  • Quantity is their policy
  • Quality is our first priority and client satisfaction is our policy
  • Oh, sorry, your page is not ranking good is their mantra
  • Hurray, you are now in first page is our happiness
  • You must spend few more dollars is their tactic
  • Gives us your budget, we plan what you want is our aim
  • They target on your ads which you spend
  • We focus on your better ROI
  • We utilize advanced technology is their false promise
  • We be up to date with Google’s algorithm and guidelines is our assurance
  • Tracking is not included in packages is their excuse
  • Weekly tracking is our commitment
  • Before project their approaches are100% positive we can help you
  • We can help heaps of organizations, however first we need to discuss. When we hear you out and comprehend your necessities, at exactly that point will we know whether we can help you
  • They have a huge team which will help to do this project successfully
  • I proudly say that we have a small team with Digital Marketing professionals and Development, which they have experienced the taste of success and they are really Experts
  • Weekdays assistance is their carelessness
  • 24*7*365 days assistance is our dedication