Does Google Knowledge Graph is Really Worthy?

Posted By aimeredge | 08 March 2017 | Digital Marketing, SEO


When it comes to SEO, you might have tried all types of strategies including having a Knowledge Graph. But do you notice its performance? Getting a knowledge graph for your brand is not enough to reap its benefits instead you have to monitor its performance frequently. How? Columnist Tony Edward shares his method to do so.

Use the tool called VisualPing, a tool that monitors web pages changes and by generating a HTTP request for Knowledge Graph API results. You can easily track changes within the KG API results. So first set up a Google API manager account and generate an API key. Once the API key is generated, go to the Google Knowledge Graph API tool and perform a search for an entity. Once the results are generated, pick the URL under the request section.

Now add the API key you generated into the request URL. You’ll get an updated URL which loads the Knowledge Graph results for any query on the page. Now that this is set up like a web page, you can effortlessly track changes on it.

After these steps, create an account in VisualPing and for your API request URL, set up a job track changes. The free version of this tool will allow you to set up two jobs with limited credits whereas a pro account helps you set up more. This tool will notify you when a change occur through emails and screenshots. It also outlines the change percentage. Also you can easily track score changes, classification type, description and more. To know more about this, click here.

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