The Most Interesting Search Engine Marketing News of Last week

Posted By aimeredge | 23 March 2017 | Search Engine Marketing, SEO

So, you are busy with the tight schedule that you missed all the good digital marketing stuff last week? No worries, we’ve a short insight of last week’s interesting stuff.

Baidu Launches SwiftScribe

Baidu, China’s answer to Google is launching an artificial intelligence audio transcription app known as SwiftScribe. They claimed that, it has the power to cut transcription time by 40 percent.

According to Baidu Research Blog Post, “The core technology powering SwiftScribe is Baidu’s speech recognition engine, Deep Speech 2. Its neural network, which is trained on thousands of hourslabelled audio data, learns to associate sounds with certain words and phrases. In addition to advanced ASR technology, we designed intuitive shortcut keys and innovative human-computer interaction to solve the problem of discontinuity, one of the biggest obstacles users face when transcribing.

SwiftScribe was designed for anyone who does transcription regularly – freelancers, transcriptionists working for transcription service companies, and data entry specialists. Because of its wide user base, SwiftScribe has the potential to positively impact a range of industries that benefit from transcription, including medical and healthcare, legal and law enforcement, business, media, and others.”

Pinterest Unveils the Long Awaited Lens

Pinterest, the most popular platform to share your creativity has just launched its lens visual discovery tool to the US. This tool works with the help of a person’s smartphone camera to detect an object and locate visually similar items on Pinterest.

As per Pinterest, “Lens is still learning, and doesn’t always recognize exactly what you’re looking for.Lens will stay in beta as it gets even better at recognizing all the things. And that’s where you come in!If you get results that feel a little meh, tap the new + button to add feedback and help Lens get better at finding ideas inspired by whatever you just Lensed. As more and more people help teach Lens about more and more objects, soon it will earn its way out of the beta zone.”

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