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“A New Advertising Philosophy of Our Time”

Ever been on a roller coaster? They tend to hold your riders’ attention well. Slowly scaling, unlimited heights, then pleasing views, sharp unpredicted turns, fast paced and great fun.And the fun remains the same whenever you have a roller coaster ride. This is same as the digital advertising filled with lots of unexpected results and great ROI. But it will be not same every time. In the digital age and beyond, business owners can no longer buy attention. This means how we define creative ideas, strategy, media, and even the role of customer has to change. But there are few thinkers who better understand the challenges that confront advertisers, marketers and agencies in the years to come. One such thinker is We, Aimeredge. After thorough analysis of the market and understanding the actual requirement of each digital marketer we designed this service. Digital advertising is all about getting great ROI but not similar to SEO. You might think, how digital advertising is different from SEO, we explain it.

At Aimeredge, we don’t utilize all those old tactics that eat up all your time and burn your wallet but concentrate on the strategies that actually give results. Below are few campaigns that are pro in Digital Advertising.

Facebook Advertising

Want to break through all the noise on social media? It pays to advertise. And when it comes to social media marketing, Facebook remains the king forever. And do you know why? More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook to connect with things that matters to them, and more than 900 million visit every day. And getting your targeted audience’s eyeballs towards you is a little bit difficult. But not now when Aimeredge is here. We do Facebook advertising that allows businesses to place content targeting a specific audience. That means your content can appear in your target audience’s news feed.

How We Do it For You

  • We determine your objective before you start i.e. our expert social media marketers understand the aim of your business whether to increase brand awareness, conversions, views or etc…
  • We always be specific on your audience targeting.
  • Our experts take time to rotate your ads every three to five days regularly to avoid penalization from Facebook.
  • Content in any language
  • 24X7 Content Support

Interesting right? Check out our package and start capturing your audiences attention.

Google Advertising

Any business can pay for clicks but only smart businesses pay for strategy. And our wish is to make every business smart. Over the years Google advertising (PPC) has evolved into a perfect marketing tool that aids businesses outrank their competitors and drive leads. But what if I tell you that the majority of business owners and marketers are not taking full advantage of all that Google advertising has to offer?

What We Do with PPC

Adapt the Right Strategies
Test Rigorously
Reduce Costs

Our team is passionate with data and our campaigns replicate that. We align every client’s goals with the shades of PPC advertising platforms, consistently expanding returns on paid search investments. Then we share the good news! Learn more about it, contact us now!