Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

“Aimeredge focus on leads, not likes or followers”

Is social media still an effective marketing strategy? What would be your answer? If NO, then you must drop your plan of doing online business. Shocked? Social media is one of the most important and best strategies to get more leads and increase your visitors. The most vital thing about social media isn’t always the technology, it is the people.

Social media users has hit more than two billion globally, and been increasing at whopping 25% annually. And the most interesting part is that nearly 90% of US companies are active on social media and they are happy with the results. According to a research, “2017is going to see an enormous number of advancements in 2017. The number of users is estimated to increase by 85.8% for Facebook, 67.2% for Twitter and 70.7% for Instagram.” And you are thinking to drop the plan of social media? Too bad! Let’s get prepared and execute a plan that can appeal the attention of new and old users. Forget about likes and shares, focus on metrics that matter to your bottom line. But how?

The solution is Aimeredge. As an enthusiastic social media marketer, we can aid you in finding your voice in a community that claims entertainment, engagement and rewards. Most significantly, we pledge your social investment is really worthy, with effective marketing strategies that are highly measurable and relevant.

What we do?

Kick start your social media strategy with us from scratch and experience the lead nurturing process to make real-time sales.